Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an Antibody Testing service that is in line with FDA guidelines and does not require patients to leave the comfort and safety of their homes.

We created a scalable operational model and use HIPAA-compliant software tools to protect our patients data, enabling us to test a large number of patients in a relatively short amount of time everywhere across the United States.

Antibody Testing offered by most clinics requires patients to commute to testing centers, which in cities like New York might include having to take public transportation. Patients who have to commute to testing centers may have a higher exposure to COVID-19 by potentially interacting with other passengers during their commute as well as front desk staff and other patients in the clinic. 

Testing sites can be overcrowded with patients, which may create long waiting lines and  make it challenging to follow social-distancing guidelines. Some testing clinics may also test patients with current symptoms for COVID-19 in the same facilities as they conduct Antibody Testing, putting Antibody Test patients at risk of potential infection.

While some antibody test clinics may use rapid test kits with a fairly low sensitivity, our certified laboratory uses an immunoassay test produced by a US company with a sensitivity of over >90%. Immunoassay tests are considered more reliable.

Our Service for Healthcare Workers

In order to help the heroes of the Coronavirus crisis, we are offering free Antibody Testing for frontline healthcare workers every Friday. We will try to accommodate as many healthcare workers as we can, but capacities may be limited and depend on your location.

Please send us an email with a picture of your license and preferred testing date to: hello@antibodytaxi.com

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